The annual Baja by the Sea festival. Embarcadero Park, San Diego
The annual Baja by the Sea festival. Embarcadero Park, San Diego

Learning another language & culture while living abroad changes the lives of anyone who experiences it. Here in Tijuana is no exception. The culture, the language, the people; it’s all unforgettable. Simply put, we want others to experience the uniqueness of an immersion experience here. Immersion Living Tijuana makes it available to you.

We’re here to accommodate your living arrangements solo or with native Spanish-speakers, set up Spanish classes, get you connected socially & culturally, and help you navigate everyday situations like knowing what’s the best way to cross the border, finding the best coffee shops in town, exchanging dollars for pesos, etc. Receiving this assistance without removing the sense of adventure one should have when living abroad, can turn ones’ unsettling relocation effort into an exciting and reassuring immersion experience!

Zona Río and its’ namesake river running through the city
Zona Río and its’ namesake river running through the city

Why live in Tijuana? Neighborhoods such as La Cacho, La Libertad, Centro, Zona Río, Hipódromo and Las Playas each offer their own distinct flavors and provide opportunities to get connected as you are learning the language & culture.

LOTS of tacos in TJ. Late-night grubbin’ with La Roca Church members at Taco Nazo. La Cacho, Tijuana

The social scene is fantastic! There’s much to do and our community connects regularly! Downtown (known as Centro) is just minutes away from the border and has been experiencing a cultural renaissance thanks to the Baja craft food, wine and beer industries. There’s great art museums and cultural centers like CECUT, IMAC, Casa de la Cultura, and Casa de Tunel, renowned night life on Avenida Revolución and inside Plaza Fiesta, and an extensive commercial center between Mercado Hidalgo and Plaza Río, complete with movie theaters, restaurants, and tons of shopping options. There’s always a show or festival happening somewhere in the city, like Entijuanarte, the Tijuana Fair, Expo Artesanal, the Tijuana Jazz Fest, the Tijuana Beer Festival, or TJ Zine Fest, just to name a few. And don’t forget the beach! Playas de Tijuana, with it’s great boardwalk, vendors, cafes, bars and restaurants is just 20 minutes from downtown.

For the active and adventurous, you’ve got lots of options. Tijuana is home to a thriving group bicycle scene. Large social rides with groups like Bici Boys,

Biking through Calle Coahuila on a Friday night Paseo de Todos ride
Biking through Calle Coahuila on a Friday night Paseo de Todos ride

Transendentales, Bikers Soler, and Paseo de Todos meeting every week night in Zona Rio and Centro. If fitness is your thing, there’s lots of great gyms in the city. Check out the Tijuana Recreation Center (CREA) where you’ll find a running track and trail, basketball courts, a baseball field, two gymnasiums, group classes like yoga, Ti-Chi, kickboxing, etc. There’s often various races happening in the downtown area; 5-K’s, half- and full marathons. YoTambienCorroEnTijuana.com is a great resource for any running enthusiast. To nutritiously fill up for all those workouts, check out Mercado Hidalgo for an exciting indoor/outdoor atmosphere of authentic Mexican grocery shopping. There’s also the Tijuana Farmer’s Market happening every first Sunday of the month. And to earn some real Mexican-immerision culture points, check out any of the bustling swapmeets (los mercados sobre las ruedas) that happen weekly in nearly every neighborhood of the city (note: La Libertad has one of the best that’s just ten blocks from the border every Monday 8am-3pm). And don’t overlook the the cities public transportation. It’s pretty cheap, can get you to most places, and, due to the driving habits of most taxistas and other motorists, can be considered a true adventure in and of itself. There’s also Uber most places in Tijuana, which is our personal preference.

Living in Tijuana gets you close to all the other great parts of Baja too! 30 minutes away you’ll find Rosarito, where you can spend a great afternoon checking out the shops, cafes, and restaurants downtown as well as taking a stroll along the Rosarito Hotel Pier. If affordable lobster is your thing, Puerto Nuevo is a great destination, with K-58 just ten minutes south if you’re into surfing and camping with friends on a cliff above the beach.

The beautiful coastal drive south of Rosarito
The beautiful coastal drive south of Rosarito

And don’t forget to check out the surrounding sister cities like Ensenada, Tecate, and Mexicali.

When it comes to affording it all, most living and entertainment costs (restaurants, gym memberships, movies, etc) are significantly lower than those of San Diego. Most of our clients can anticipate saving thousands of dollars simply by living in Tijuana instead of San Diego. Although having extra cash leftover in the bank is nice, it’s no primary reason for San Diegans to live here. Learning the language and getting immersed into the culture & lives of locals makes the experience of living here one of the most memorable anyone can have.

In the end, the greatest part of living in Tijuana, for San Diegans, is a newly-expanded knowledge and familiarity with San Diego.  It’s easy acknowledging the over 1 million Hispanics living within San Diego county, but having a deeper personal connection can be difficult to attain for those of us who don’t speak Spanish or know the culture. The ability to better relate with the language and culture of Mexico

Remember where just a 20 minute drive north of the border will take you! North Park, San Diego, USA

enriches ones’ personal experience of San Diego, not to mention the opportunity of better occupational positioning for bi-lingual skills.

Interested in knowing what it looks like to join our Immersion Living Tijuana community? Check our Program page for details!

How does Immersion Living Tijuana help me make the move?

Before working with our clients in their transition to Tijuana, we conduct an assessment interviewThis helps answer any specific questions or concerns related to making the move to Tijuana, assess your initial level of Spanish and knowledge of Tijuana & Mexican culture, and take inventory of your personal interests and preferences to best align your placement within our community.

From there, we begin the residential acquisition process to get you into the best-suited living space.

Once living in Tijuana, we work to provide you with transitional assistance, social community, cultural connections, Spanish tutor, and whatever else you may need to have the best experience you can living abroad.

Baja Travesies completing the annual 3-day, 100-kilometer hike, ending in la Bahia de Los Angeles