What’s it like crossing the border everyday?

When it comes to crossing the border for work, wait times can vary. According to various locals I’ve asked on this subject, an estimated 30-40% of Tijuanenses (citizens of Tijuana) legally cross the border for work in San Diego five times per week. For those with the SENTRI pass, it’s much easier. Each person’s work schedule, work location, mode of transportation, eligibility for SENTRI, etc. varies. Since individual situations vary, a private session with Tijuana Immersion Consulting can clear up a lot of the questions one may have.

I don’t know much Spanish. Will I be able to get by without it?

Don’t sweat it. Although I strongly encourage anyone moving here to take the time and effort to learn the language, it’s often easy finding someone who speaks a basic level of English many places you visit here in Tijuana.


One of the greatest things about living in Tijuana has been how much better I’ve come to truly know San Diego. When I’m back in San Diego, be it Pacific Beach, La Jolla, North Park, Chula Vista, etc. I’m able to better connect with the Mexican population in ways I’ve always desired. Not to mention it’s been great being able to use these language and cultural skills in my job.

For any San Diegan interested in a truly unique cultural experience, learning lots of Spanish, and saving tons of money on rent and living expenses, all while keeping their current job working in San Diego, come live in Tijuana! Tijuana Immersion Consulting can show you how.