*Program participants must be at least 21 years of age

Come live in Tijuana and learn Spanish through an experience of the Mexican culture! Our program is designed for San Diegans to live in Tijuana while working full-time in the U.S.  We’re here to help with:

  • Getting to know Tijuana through our neighborhood tours & immersion weekends
  • Making the move south through our housing acquisition & consultations services
  • Learning Spanish and acclimating to the culture through our tutors & social events

Neighborhood tours: Not sure what neighborhood you’ll want to live in? We offer a tour of the six central urban neighborhoods (La Libertad, Zona Rio, Centro, La Cacho, Hipodromo, and Playas) where our clients live. Check out our Facebook Events page for info on our next group tour. Interested in a private tour? Contact us to set up a private tour ($108).

Immersion weekends: Held in a mix of English and slow Spanish (don’t worry; translations available upon request), this is the opportunity to try before you buy the experience of living in Tijuana. Check out our Facebook Events page for info on our next immersion weekend.

Consultations: While there’s substantial information available out there on life in Tijuana, most of us will still have lots of questions before and after making the move south. Our consultations help answer your personal questions and concerns, giving you confidence in both making the move and experiencing the best of it once here.

Events: A variety of social, educational events are available to help our clients connect, experience and learn in community. Check our Facebook Events page to stay up-to-date


Tutors: Our Spanish tutor program will be rolling out soon and will give our clients the educational assistance needed to learn the most of the Spanish language.

Housing Acquisition: Whether you want to live solo, with Spanish-speaking roommates, or with a Mexican family, let us do the work to set it all up for you. This $239 cost includes a $100 credit for you to use towards any combination of our consultations, tutors and events, helping make even smoother your transition into Tijuana living.  You’ll also receive a free copy of Tijuana 22000. It’s one of the best books available on Tijuana and is written in both English & Spanish; allowing our participants to learn the language while reading about the city.Tijuana 22000. A must-read for Tijuana visitors.

Participants are assessed through a preliminary questionnaire and in-person review ($39 fee). Fee is waved for those who take part in any of our tours, immersion weekends, events or in-person consultations (a follow-up phone review is still required).